miss rockaway stories [installation]

miss rockaway stories. Pen and paint on plastic tarps and cardboard, dimensions various, installation of prints of photos and drawings, and stories, from my time with the miss rockaway armada.2007 – 08.

miss rockaway armada. I pursued impossibility with a crew of 30-odd artists, musicians and creative folks from NYC, SF and beyond. We built a 105′ x 20′ raft out of trash – a sustainable floating home, powered by two salvaged VW rabbit motors converted to long-tail marine engines that ran on biodiesel. The Miss Rockaway Armada began building in New York during the summer of 2006 and (almost) finished our craft after two frenzied weeks of construction in Minneapolis. On August 9, we launched and floated down the Mississippi River for two months. Along the way we stopped in most small riverside towns and held workshops, gave tours and performed a variety show and whimsical enactment of the story of Miss Rockaway. The MRA continued the following year and has spawned several subsequent adventures. 2006.